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Gradually we extend our brewing equipment. At present, our installation has a capacity of 500 litres and we are brewing weekly. The brewing equipment consists of a hot liquor tank, mash tun, lauter tun, boiling kettle with whirlpool and plate cooler. We also have fermentation tanks with a capacity of 600 to 2500 litres. The fermentation is checked and each tank can be heated and cooled separately. In function of the complete finishing of our beer, we also have a filling machine, capping machine and labelling machine.


Do you have a fantastic beer recipe in mind, but no place to turn this idea into liquid pleasure? It is possible to rent our brewing installation. Be sure to contact us about brewing your own beers.


Looking for a fun activity for your group of friends or association? We open the brewery with pleasure for a brewery visit with tasting. Different arrangements are possible from 5 euro per person. During a brewery tour we invite you into the world of brewing, from raw material to finished product. This visit is combined with different pleasant tasting moments.  


Some possibilities:

-Brewery tour including 1 tasting of 33 cl p.p. (when you have limited time).

-Brewery tour including 3 tastings of 15cl p.p. with small snack.

-Brewery tour including 3 tastings of 15cl p.p. served with tasty tapas platter.


Prefering a beer experience in all its facets and fully immersing yourself in the world of beer? To do this, we work together with zythologist/beer sommelier Kathleen De Sutter (from Kate's Beer advice). With pleasure she organizes a beer tasting. During this tasting she tells you about the various aspects of beer: from the history of beer, to beer tasting and foodpairing. Highly recommended!


We also work closely with ‘Horse & Carriage’ from Sijsele. Their horsecar is a nice idea to combine with a brewery visit. The horsecar makes a trip along the country roads of beautiful Damme and stops at the brewery, where the tour with tasting is offered. The duration of the ride is your choice.

Bryggja Brewery is also situated at a beautiful cycle route and therefore it’s an ideal break for groups during cycling. Please let us know if you would like to quench your thirst in the brewery.


For more information related to brewery visits or reservations, please contact us via the contact form or by telephone at: + 32479220113.

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