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Franky initially combined his job with the work in the brewery. Now he works fulltime for Bryggja. With his passion for beer he is the driving force behind Bryggja Brewery. He is responsible for the entire process, from brewing to sales.


The story of Bryggja Brewery begins in 2012. Four friends decide to take part in the beercompetition organized by Brouwland with their tasty tripel. From a selection of over 90 beers, the Bryggja Triple is elected by a professional jury as the best hobby beer of Belgium. This victory convinces us, as hobbybrewers, to continue brewing.


Shortly after the final we choose a name, bottle and appropriate label design for our beer. Bryggja is launched during the Bruges beer festival in 2013. A year later, the second beer ‘Amuse’ is released.


Both beers are initially brewed in another brewery but at the end of 2014 we finally decide to start our own brewery. A suitable property in Moerkerke is found and makes the decision final. In the spring of 2015 the brewing equipment is placed there. 


Hugo was raised with a passion for beer. His mother was a laboratory assistant at brewery ‘Louage’ in Kortemark and beer has always played an important part in his life. Hugo focuses on the development and conversion of the recipes. In addition he brews weekly.

Nele is the driving force behind the scenes. She takes care of marketing and communication, the design of the brewery, the range of gift packaging and she is constantly looking for new outlets and new challenges.


If there's a situation where you got to get your hands dirty, call Leonie. The youngest daughter of Franky and Nele is never afraid of some manual labor. Although she's yet to graduate, she helps out as often as she can. 


Being the oldest daughter of Franky and Nele, Justien has witnessed the story of Bryggja from the beginning. Since 2017 she is a fixed and indispensable team member. With her youthful enthusiasm, she's the ideal person to help Franky inside and outside the brewery.


Three years after starting our own brewery, we now brew weekly (for ourselves and others). Our beers are popular both nationally and internationally. In our own beers we only use Belgian hops. For that reason, our beers carry the official logo 'Belgion Hop' on their labels. In addition, we don’t use extracts, taste amplifiers or foam amplifiers. Everything is natural. For us, quality is a priority and you can taste that. 


In the past years, our range of beers has extended. Take a look at ‘our beers’ for the various delicious beers that we are brewing. 


Three generations working together, that's something special! Franky's parents help out on a weekly basis, especially if the beer needs to be bottled or labeled. 

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