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BLOND - 4.7%

Mysticum Cosmic Ale is a light hazy golden blond beer with a solid white head. It is a beer of high fermentation, pleasantly fresh and well balanced. The selection of malts, herbs and Belgian hops give the beer a touch of apricot.


AMBER - 9.99%

Mysticum Cosmic Tripel is an attractive amber coloured high fermentation beer. The beer has a light beige head. The carefully selected malts and hops give the beer a malty caramel smell and light sweet honey taste that quickly turns into a nice bitterness.


In the spring of 2015, Bryggja started a collaboration with Mysticum. Mysticum is a Norwegian Black Metal band formed in 1991. With their unique blend of drums, synthesizers and samples they are the inventors of the subgenre 'industrial black metal'. Mysticum has been a source of inspiration for many metal bands since that moment.


In 2015, we were contacted by the manager of the band, Mathias Løken. Thanks to his genuine passion for Belgian beers he had the brilliant idea to bring together Mysticum and Bryggja and create something extraordinary. We accepted the challenge and today we can taste the best of two worlds: 100% Belgian, artisanal beer, brewed with passion and with respect for our heritage but also mixed with the 'madness' of Mysticum. That’s madness in a botlle.


In addition, 'Bryggja' is old Norwegian for 'Jetty', where the name 'Bruges' would be derived from. Maybe our cooperation wasn’t a coincidence after all? 

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